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The Devine Witch is an eclectic pagan group based out of Middletown, Ohio. Our group is founded on the basis of inclusivity and expanding the spiritual experience. We believe each path is valuable and practices and paths should be celebrated. We do not favor one spiritual practice over another and make our group a meeting place for all. By being a open group that is not based on path it allows us to help educate and create discussions to help widen the scope of pagan paths. We expand upon this by giving groups, covens, authors,  philosophers and individualized practitioners a space in which to educate. While building stronger bonds and closing the gap between spiritual practices and people. We acknowledge the need for more pagan safe spaces and the need for unity. Our group is ever evolving and learning on how to better serve not only our community but the communities we are apart of.


Our events are structured to bring community together and celebrate our pagan family community. At our events we do our best to provide a safe environment of learning and ability to create friendships and bonds. All the events that are held are funded by our community or out of the pockets of our council and staff.


Our group has a focus on uplifting and amplifying the voices within our community. While maintaining awareness of need within our community. We work hard to provide different events and annual events that reflect such. While bringing forth positive acknowledgment our community and the communities in which we are a part of .We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Media Representation

    • This allows us to feature people in our community. Which allows us to reach those whom we see in person and online. We feature a variety of individuals that focus on spirituality. We have highlighted leaders, shops, groups, and mental health professionals on our podcast. This helps broaden the information our community has. While allowing those who know nothing of paganism a chance to see all sides of the path.

  • Gatherings

    • At our events, we try to include other members who are not directly in Devine Witch. We do this to highlight other communities in our area. While helping spread information that these groups can provide

  • Charity

    • The charity work we do personally aligns with humanitarian efforts in helping our community. Some forms of charity work are by partnerships and others by sole donations made by our community at events.

  • Education

    • We believe education is key in broadening our horizons as a community. It also allows those who do not follow the same path to gain reliable information on pagan spiritual paths. We have hosted a variety of people talking on various subjects at our events. This has been done both online and in-person events. We also found the guide to the gods initiative, where practitioners can come and speak on their gods. This helps inform others not only about different paths but what devotion to certain deities looks like. Giving our community the chance to learn about new gods and paths.​

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Where the crossroads meet

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